About Us

The Pilgrim Peter Brown Society, or PPBS for short, was founded on September 6, 2014 in Plymouth, Massachusetts by founding member Susan Abanor and a group of Peter Brown descendants.

The society was formed to honor and remember Pilgrim Peter Brown who was a passenger on the ship Mayflower in 1620, a signer of the historic document the Mayflower Compact and early settler of the Plymouth Colony.

We seek to recognize and record those individuals who are descendants of Pilgrim Peter Brown by the preservation of documents and the recording of family histories, lineages and traditions.

In addition we wish to also educate, preserve and increase the knowledge of the history of the family of Pilgrim Peter Brown and to engage in charitable and educational endeavors that support patriotic, genealogical, literary, historical and social activities.

Our Officers


Sheryl Schilling

Assistant Governor

Elizabeth Werner


Mark Hassenpflug

Recording Secretary

Kelly Sharer

Corresponding Secretary

Christopher Carter Lee


Sandra Sauers

Newsletter Editor

Sheryl Schilling


David Schilling